Buchertail 500 Tinsel - new for 2017

"Bigger isn't always better!"

The Buchertail 500 Tinsel is built on a new concept focused on making a downsized version of the popular Buchertail 700 that casts and works like a full sized musky spinner.   Unlike most downsized in-line spinners, the Buchertail 500 Tinsel has the same weight as our largerBuchertail 700 and an oversized treble hook.  This design allows you to cast the 500 easily with a full sized conventional musky rod & reel outfit.  The additional weight also allows the angler to retrieve this lure faster to trigger more strikes from following muskies and big pike.



shallowraider 25th anniversary special edition lure

We're Celebrating!
With a Special Edition 7" ShallowRaider on our #1 sucker pattern. Identified with a 25th anniversary logo.

Act Fast!
A limited run of 500 of these lures will be available either at your favorite retailer or on this website.

Celebrate More!
With $2.50 off our brand new product, Beast Braid Professional Fishing Line. Available at your favorite retailer or on this website. Click here to learn more.



Beast Braid professional fishing line

Unique post-braiding process.
This makes Beast Braid Professional Fishing Line compact, round and firm. It also improves casting performance and durability, and allows Beast Braid to pack tightly on to reel spools with virtually no pulling into itself.

Made of 100% spectra fibers.
Beast Braid Professional Fishing Line has been specially formulated for Joe Bucher Outdoors.

Made of 100% spectra fibers.
Beast Braid Professional Fishing Line has been specially formulated for Joe Bucher Outdoors.

Thoroughly tested & approved by Joe Bucher.
Truly the best high performance braid available on the market today.


Tin-Buck 2

Like the original Tin-Buck but double the fun!
Joe Bucher successfully hybridized the original Buchertail 700 by blending the flash of tinsel Flashabou to natural bucktail – creating the TinBuck.   In fact, the TinBuck has now become the go-to lure of many professional guides. This successful hybridization created a demand for a larger version sporting twin blades for those situations where muskies and other large gamefish seem to prefer a larger lure profile. Thus, the creation of the new TinBuck 2. 

A new 8 ½” long twin treble, twin #8 fluted blade version of the TinBuck sporting both natural bucktail and Flashabou. Initial field tests proved this could be Joe’s best in-line spinner design to-date! In fact, it was the #1 TV segment producer for Fishing With Joe Bucher this past season.  You definitely wanna stock up on these!


Suspended depth raider

Like the original DepthRaider with added sub-water suspension.
The legendary DepthRaider 100 straight model crankbait, 1st introduced as a floating diver in 1987, now has deadly fish catching cousin – The Suspending DepthRaider.  Built off the same body design as the original floating diver as well as the sinking Count-down version, the new Suspending DepthRaider neither floats or sinks.  It simply suspends at whatever depth level you crank it down to.  This allows you to fish the lure much slower in cold water at a desired depth level as well as work the lure in a jerkbait like fashion.  In addition, the new Suspending DepthRaider hovers during a pause in a horizontal posture to emulate a struggling injured baitfish.  This also prevents hook fouling.   The new Suspending DepthRaider is sure to be a preferred bait for open water suspended muskies and a killer crankbait for cold water periods.


big gamefish - Long nose pliers

11.5” with protective sheath. This long-nose pliers features a
unique off-set gripping handle for added strength and dexterity.

Unhooking dangerous toothy critters like big pike and muskies requires a long nose pliers.   Keeping your hands a safe distance away from slashing teeth and violent thrashes while trying to dislodge hooks is now easy with the new JBO Long Nose Pliers. Made of high strength chromed steel with an off-set coated handle for easy gripping, the JBO Long Nose Pliers is simply an essential tool for every angler’s tacklebox.



The quickest way you will ever attach and detach your lure.

Available with Fluorocarbon, 7 Strand, and Jerkbait Leaders.



Tin-Buck 2


Suspended Depth Raider


Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Fastach Snap

Fastach Snap