Dancin' raider - new for 2018

The Dancin’ Raider is a uniquely designed topwater lure that has a pronounced zig-zag action commonly referred to as “walkin’ the dog”. When worked properly this lure will zig-zag back and forth at both fast or slow speeds enabling you to trigger fish in a wide range of water temperatures and weather conditions.

Unlike most larger zig-zag style topwater lures, the Dancin' Raider does not require a hard pull from a stiff action rod in order to initiate a pronounced zig-zag action. Instead, nearly any all-purpose musky style rod will do the job and the lure works amazingly well with nothing more than a short downward wrist flick rod manipulation.

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#5 Tin-Buck - new for 2018

Bigger isn't always better!
Joe Bucher successfully hybridized the original Buchertail 500 by blending the flash of tinsel Flashabou to natural bucktail – creating the TinBuck.   In fact, the TinBuck has now become the go-to lure of many professional guides. This successful hybridization created a demand for a smaller version for those situations where muskies and other large gamefish seem to prefer a smaller lure profile. Thus, the creation of the new #5 Tin-Buck.

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new colors for 2018

9" & weighted Leaders - new for 2018

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Jerkbait Leader Single Strand #528-02811: 9" - 165lb. Test

Premium Single Strand BB Swivel #528-02881: 9" - 165lb. Test

Premium Single Strand BB Swivel FASTACH #528-02851: 9" - 165lb. Test

Musky Leader 7 Strand #528-02847: 9" - 90lb. Test

Premium Leader 7 Strand BB Swivel #528-02897: 9" - 90lb. Test

Premium Leader 7 Strand BB Swivel FASTACH #528-02867: 9" - 90lb. Test

Weighted Leaders:

Premium Leader Single Strand BB Swivel FASTACH

  • #528-02511: 11" - 165lb. Test - 1/4 oz
  • #528-02521: 11" - 165lb. Test - 3/16 oz